About Stafford


In the central shopping district of Stafford there are several examples of historic architecture, perhaps the best example of which is the Elizabethan Ancient High House, an oak-beamed town house that dates from the sixteenth century which was used as a prison during the English Civil War. Nowadays it is occupied by a popular museum showcasing local heritage.

On the edge of town lies the impressive Stafford Castle - rebuilt in the nineteenth century after many centuries of disrepair since its original construction as a Norman fort - which offers interactive displays charting the castle's nine hundred year history.

Stafford is also within easy reach of several stunning country manor houses and also the huge collection of military and civil aircraft based at RAF Cosford.

Anyone with an interest in the history of pottery should take a look at the exhibition of one of the most renowned names in the field at the Wedgewood Centre.

From a cultural point of view the town has much to offer, from the varied programme of drama and dance available at the Gatehouse Theatre and the art and local history exhibitions that are showcased at the Shire Hall Gallery to the performances of Shakespeare's classic the periodically take place in the shadow of the castle.

In terms of industry, Stafford has several important manufacturing exporters within its bounds, for instance the town has for the last century been a major producer of giant power station transformers, so large that a fleet of lorries are required to transport each one.